As a one-stop manufacturing source, Horschel Brothers Precision offers several high quality in-house and outside post processing services.

Post Processing Highlights


Utilizing modern machines, tooling and programming within our CNC machining department we produce a burr free part whenever possible. When this is not efficient or possible we remove burrs and sharp edges in our finishing area.


An electrical chemical filming process that adds a corrosion resistant finish to aluminum. Anodizing and chromate conversion (alodining) are techniques commonly performed in- house at Horschel Brothers Precision. Meets MIL-DTL- 5541 Type 1 Class 1a, 3 standards.


Horschel Brothers Precision features an in-house paint facility capable of meeting military standards. Quality has control and traceability over forms to make sure paint is consistently correct.

Powder coating

A heat cured hard finish that uses electrostatic powder. Horschel Brothers Precision has strong vendor relations to supply powder coating of precision machine parts.

Silicone pad printing

For applying text, symbols and illustrations to a part. Typically over paint or powder coating.

Engraving and stamping

Parts can be serialized for accountability by permanently engraving or stamping the surface.

Non-destructive testing

Customers may request non-destructive testing during the manufacturing process.  Common tests may include material hardness, stress and corrosion resistance.

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