Horschel Brothers Precision is a modern American advanced precision machining facility. Investments in machining automation and continuous workforce development provide quality and cost efficiency sought by today’s high volume manufacturing leaders.

Pallet Pool Machining Automation

Horschel Brothers Precision features a CNC pallet pool system. Three horizontal CNC mills with 240 live tools each can pull stock from 66 available pallets. Once HBP programs the initial part and configures the pallet it is ready at any time. The cost savings is beneficial for partners with long term repetitive orders.

Gantry Load

Manual loading a CNC lathe is fatiguing to the operator and time consuming. For parts up to 9 inches in diameter we deploy an automated gantry load lathe.

Bar Feed, Sub-Spindles and Live Tooling

Terms to describe manual loading a CNC lathe include boring, time consuming, repetitive, and potential errors. That is why 75% of our lathes feature an automatic bar feeder. We use bar feeders whenever possible on parts up to 3-1/8 inches in diameter.

Most parts are precision machined in one operation with a sub-spindle and live tooling. These advantages allow Horschel Brothers Precision to provide a cost efficient, quality part.

Robotic Machining Centers

Horschel Brothers Precision features three robotic machining cells. In each, an industrial robot coordinates lathe, high speed computer balancing, and pallet loading operations. The robotic centers feature real time tooling offset adjustments. One center integrates a CMM quality audit station. A trained robotic machinist specialist is dedicated to each center.

Robotic Welding

Besides full-time welders, Horschel Brothers Precision features two robotic welding cells that use a turn table pallet loading system for repetitive volume.

Robotic welding reduces monotonous and labor intensive tasks. This allows our highly skilled weld crew to focus on advanced work.


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