Horschel Brothers Precision is a full service contract manufacturer, including final assembly. Our all-in-one source approach helps you streamline supplier efficiency and reduce costs.  During each step, we are committed to working together to ensure your product meets your high standards over a long term relationship.


For clients who need a complete product or sub-component manufactured to precise specifications. Our teams will collaborate with you using industry standard design software and practices.

Mechanical Assembly

A complete mechanical product or sub-component from client supplied prints or engineered in-house. Electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic system options offer a range of motion possibilities.

Electrical Assembly

Horschel Brothers Precision can manufacture several electrical based assemblies. These may include integrating drive motors, sensors and wiring harnesses.

Product Testing

Horschel Brothers Precision offers non-destructive product testing, such as:

  • Strength
  • Finish
  • Machine tolerance
  • Liquid penetration

Custom gauges and tests per client request.

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